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Actuari are building a pioneering analytics library of customisable insurance applications algorithms for insurance companies to utilise the latest machine learning models (e.g. LSTM, GANs, Transfer/Meta Learning, Federated Learning).

Software Solutions, Insurance, Machine Learning, Data Science & Analytics


A robotics company developing autonomous Ai-enabled concrete 3D printers for medium to large-scale construction, with the ability to monitor and adapt in real-time.

Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, AI, Constrcution, Automation, Concrete 3D Printing, Industry 4.0

A large-scale question answering systems that provides instant and accurate answers to any question, giving you a more natural, quicker and less frustrating journey towards the answers you seek.

Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, AI

Artiigo provides personalised artwork recommendation solutions to art lovers and institutions driven by machine learning.

Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Art

AutonomiCity powers next generation infrastructure. We are creating a self-healing technology in concrete, using recycled plastics and 3D printing technique. 

Self-healing, Construction, Repair, 3D Printing, Plastic Recycling

Our product allows design engineers (of physical products) to quickly import their CAD files to view them in augmented reality, but then also to populate the reality with digital humans to see how they interact with the design. For example, a car designer could view the car as if it were in the room, and create 4 anthropomorphic dummies to sit in the seats.

Design Revision, Human Factors Analysis, Client Expectation Management Software, Architectual Design Software

Brain AI

Brain AI develops a tool for determining early signs of neurodegenerative diseases from MRI scans.

MedTech, HealthTech, Data Science, Machine Learning


CatchMaps provides farmers and landowners with the evidence to make data driven decisions to optimise environmental activity on farms.

Agriculture, Machine Learning, Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, Ecosystem Services, Carbon Sequestration

Chorograph is a deep technology startup. Backed by leading research, we deliver a platform for specialist temporal graph analytics with example use cases spanning smart cities, blockchain and social media.

Data Science, Graph Analytics, Big Data, DevOps


Fashteck is an AI-driven product demand forecasting tool for apparel industry.

Forecasting, AI, Fashion, Product Demand


Gcat is a platform for continuous and automated testing of software. It can identify bugs predeployment, reduce developer burden and increase product reliability.

Developer Tools, Software Testing, Continuous Testing, Software Reliability

Genext offers retroactive, up to date, genomic analysis. Our software will periodically re-analyse customer’s genetic data in light of the most up to date knowledge available from scientific literature and link it to updated clinical description of the disease progression.

Genomics, MedTech, HealthTech, Healthcare, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science


There is a fundamental problem with early stage drug discovery – simulations are too resource intensive. Using conventional and quantum computers, HyQuanTech offers a new tractable modelling tool to enhance simulations.

Healthcare, HealthTech, HPC (High performrance computing), MedTech, ChemTech

Helsa matches LGBTQ+ people with LGBTQ+ specialised therapists that are right for their specific mental health needs.

Digital LGBTQ+ Mental Health Solutions, Digital Therapy, Minority Stress, Matching Algorithm, Wellbeing Testing

Hey Monday is the world’s first platform empowering businesses to measure and improve the sociocultural, digital and environmental experience of every single employee. Science-based, in real-time and directly actionable.

Employee Experience, PropTech, HRTech, Workplace, Real Estate

Holistic AI helps customers accelerate AI systems production by making them regulatory compliant and audit ready.

RegTech, SupTech, EthTech, Machine Learning, Data Science

Horizon offers educational software developed in VR/AR to facilitate teaching and learning processes, to make the learning experience interesting and enhance attention and memory in students.

EduTech, VR, AR, Education, High Technology


Humanloop’s AI tools work alongside your employees, learning from them to understand your documents and allowing them to automate mundane tasks, freeing up valuable staff for more important work.

Lawtech, RPA, Natural Language Understanding is a cloud-based solution to optimally operate and manage energy use in buildings to produce cost savings, generate revenue from participating in energy markets, while delivering optimal indoor comfort.

Data Science, Machine Learning, Energy, CleanTech, IoT


A portable lymphatic drainage device that alleviates the symptoms of lymphedema. Intended to provide patients with more self-autonomy and improve quality of life with a cost-effective alternative to current treatments.

MedTech, Healthcare, Cancer Rehabilitation, Point-of-Care Devices, HealthTech

Lytiko is a personal analytics platform for presenting, analysing and identifying hidden correlations within your entire life in data.

Analytics, HealthTech, FinTech, Machine Learning

Monoceros provides an easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective technology to bring complete transparency and optimise the supply chain management with a worldwide end-to-end, real-time, package-level Sensing-as-a-Service solution.

Supply Chain, Chain of Custody, Serialisation, AI, Machine Learning, IoT

NeuroVirt is a virtual reality and haptics device that makes upper-limb rehabilitation for patients fun and seem effortless whilst quantifying impairment and improvement for doctors.

MedTech, HealthTech, Virtual Reality, Healthcare, Data Science


A device capable of detecting when medical care needs to be escalated through remote measurement of patient observations.

Health, Triage, MedTech, Healthcare

We provide bespoke vaccine formulations for cancer patients, based on their unique cancer signatures. Our mission is to provide a cancer therapy with longer life expectancy and lower remission rates.

MedTech, Healthcare, Cancer Therapy, Personalised Medicine


PensionAI is a deep FinTech solution for addressing the needs of Pension Ecosystem, which utilizes a state of the art multi-agent model of the pension ecosystem for forecasting and testing policy sets as well as trading strategies.

FinTech, Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Pension Fund, GovTech, Simulation

Global real time compromise and fraud detection, without software installation. Data provided through PreFraud’s API alerts financial institutions to threats lower down the kill chain, unlike traditional prediction based models.

Cyber Security, Real Time Fraud Detection, eCrime Prevention, Data Science, Machine Learning

Ponder Labs focuses on the application of artificial intelligence to education. Ponder is using a combination of machine learning and natural language understanding to bring unique and personalised learning experiences to millions of students.

Ed-Tech, Natural Language Understanding, Collective Intelligence


Real-Q uses quantum computing to enhance Monte-Carlo sampling. By doing this we can improve the accuracy and speed of these algorithms, making predictions more reliable, that in turn mitigates risks.

Quantum Computing, Quantum Algorithms, Sampling Techniques, FinTech


Resistous offers next-generation drug repurposing, based on advances in interdisciplinary data science, reviving pipelines for pharmaceutical companies, and providing a lifeline for health threats with unmet clinical needs.

Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Healthtech, MedTech, BioTech

SafeCare digitalises paper documentation for nursing homes to increase care quality whilst reducing care costs and time spend on documentation.

Healthcare, Care Homes, Software, MedTech

SepSense develops a point-of care diagnostic tool for sepsis detection faster than currently available methods and at low cost.

MedTech, Healthcare, Point-of-care devices, Microfluidics

Sinc is a smart calendar that uses behavioural science and AI to help users and teams to be more productive at work.

Calendar, Productivity, AI

Our API tools allows you to add complex geo and mapping functions easily to your own application. Want to sort over 1 million properties by your travel-time in less than 1 second? You can do that with SmartCommuter.

PropTech, High Performance Computing


SolarRAD provides slim, compact and highly efficient solar thermal collectors for water and space heating capable of integrating in residential or commercial building facades or on the roof.

CleanTech, GreenTech, Renewables

The on demand live streaming platform where users request content and creators get instantly and fairly rewarded. Influencers and brands can wow followers with highly engaging and relevant content.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Live Streaming

Autonomous AI driven agents acting in regulated areas will inevitably learn to break the law. Algo Intent will provide the tools to detect and regulate AI behaviour to ensure automatic compliance with the law.

LawTech, RegTech, FinTech


ElaStruct solves the problem of obtaining a partial optimum state of general productivity for a company by modelling, analysing and providing improvement suggestions for tech companies that have well defined goals and metrics for success.

Behaviour Analytics, Business Process & Architecture Optimisation, Information Security & Data Privacy, Organisational Simulations


MPowered gives people in developing countries control of their energy generation using Peer-to-Peer blockchain trading of domestic waste as fuel.

Energy Systems, Electrification, Blockchain, Tech-for-Social-Good


The use of nanotechnology in agriculture by employing highly emissive nanoparticles for better plant growth, higher yield and consequently lower price of products.

Nanotechnology, Agriculture, GMO Alternative, Materials Science

Real time fluid characterisation on-your-palm. A lab-on-chip device capable of measuring fluid viscosity enhanced with machine learning characterisation.

ChemTech, FluidTech, EngTech, Maching Learning


Renuvel recovers chemicals from unrecyclable plastic waste, converting it to carbon-neutral fuels.

CleanTech, ChemTech, BioTech

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