A blockchain platform with an end-to-end solution enabling the origination of financing instruments. It is customised with preferred terms and operational functions. Arrangers and investors benefit from operational scalability for growth, network effects, low friction, legacy and regulation friendliness, and global reach. Website:

Rodrigo Mazorra
Rodrigo MazorraCo-Founder, UCL PhD
Rob Stewart
Rob StewartCo-Founder


Astroscreen is the verification layer for social media, using the latest Machine Learning techniques developed over 6 years at University College London and the largest collection of bot data. With this technology, Astroscreen detects fake accounts and botnets, verifies influence and engagement, and cleans social data streams. Website:

Ali Tehrani
Ali TehraniCo-Founder & CEO
Juan Echeverria
Juan EcheverriaCo-Founder & CTO, UCL PhD


Exii is an artificial business assistant designed to forecast and coach companies to better business decisions by helping decision makers understand what is going to happen before it does, explains why this could happen, and highlights how to best capitalise on every situation. Website:

Arun Sharma
Arun SharmaCEO & Co-Founder
Khalim Conn-Kowlessar
Khalim Conn-KowlessarCTO, UCL PhD


Hexis is a co-created health and human performance app that allows users to take control, build behaviours, and unleash their potential as they embrace lasting change. Hexis coaches and community are reliable and individualised as well as being adaptive to the user's journey as they progress at their own pace.

David Dunne
David DunneCEO
Xiaoxi Yan
Xiaoxi YanHead of Statistics & Bioinformatics
Dr. Carmen Lefevre
Dr. Carmen LefevreHead of Behavioural Science
Dr. Katie Parker
Dr. Katie ParkerHead of Operations
Adriano Koshiyama
Adriano KoshiyamaData Scientist, UCL PhD
Rodrigo Mazorra
Rodrigo MazorraHead of Solution Architecture


Rahko is an easy to use platform for designing and testing quantum machine learning models. Intended for use by data scientists with minimal knowledge of quantum mechanics, physicists with minimal knowledge of machine learning and anyone with an interest in exploring the power of quantum computing. 

Leonard Wossnig
Leonard WossnigCEO, Co-Founder, UCL PhD

Ian Horobin
Ian HorobinExecutive Chairman, Co-Founder
Edward Grant
Edward GrantCo-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer,
Miriam Cha
Miriam ChaCo-Founder, Communications Manager
Shuxiang Cao
Shuxiang CaoLead-developer of Tensor-Network Tool, Oxford PhD
Hongxiang Chen
Hongxiang ChenLead-developer; Co-Founder of the Quantum Circuit Tool, UCL PhD


This team is building an ecosystem of personalised digital assistants that companies can offer to their clients to increase customer engagement. The digital assistant contains knowledge on customer preferences and behavioural patterns, giving the company a single access point to communicate with their clients, offering customised insights and services.

Nora Ptakauskaite
Nora PtakauskaiteCo-Founder, UCL PhD
Sam Stern
Sam SternCo-Founder, UCL PhD
Dr Andy Pardoe
Dr Andy PardoeCo-Founder, Entrepreneur


Smartlingual is an online platform connecting translators and customers, integrated with artificial intelligence (AI). The text will be translated via AI, and later corrected and improved by proficient linguists with knowledge in the specialised fields. Smartlingual will gather specialised data of high accuracy to input to its AI system and train it for future translations. Website:

Jiawei Li
Jiawei LiCo-founder & CEO, UCL PhD
Jialu Tu
Jialu TuCo-founder & CTO
Ben Clapperton
Ben ClappertonChief Data Scientist


Kara is a workplace stress management AI coach, developed through academic research and domain expertise. AI coaches are effective at reducing the self-disclosure fear and impression management, which allows for honest, unbiased feedback. Kara is available 24/7, so that users can get the help they need, when they need it. Website:

Evelina Vrabie
Evelina VrabieFounder, UCL MSc


Recent machine learning advances coupled with increasingly more powerful mobile devices are paving the way for the right team to deliver indistinguishable-from-reality Augmented Reality. Dan, holding a doctorate from UCL in tackling Augmented Reality problems with machine learning, is looking to assemble such a startup team.

Dan A. Calian
Dan A. CalianResearcher, UCL PhD graduate


Hestia is an AI and Machine Learning augmented, state-of-the-art real estate marketplace where property buyers and sellers use an open electronic auction model (like capital markets) for fair price discovery to buy and sell properties.

Claudia Giannoni
Claudia GiannoniCo-Founder, UCL PhD
Budha Bhattacharya
Budha BhattacharyaCo-Founder, Capital Markets Advisory


MicroSpray technologies is developing and commercialising a novel electrospray device capable of increasing ultra-fine particle throughput by up to 1600%. The device offers exquisite control of particle size, making it an ideal candidate for manufacturing particles which can be used in targeted drug delivery applications. Website:

Salman Malik
Salman MalikCEO, UCL PhD graduate


LifeMosaic was built in collaboration with secondary school students to positively impact teen wellbeing. It is an open-ended goal-focused visual diary app that creates a picture of a young person's progress. They can add context to their day using symbols and build up a visualisation that invites them to reflect back and find trends in their behaviour. 

Kyrill Potapov
Kyrill PotapovFounder, UCL PhD


Bruno is a platform that develops a high-risk technology portfolio of stocks and cryptocurrencies for a mass market, allowing individuals to enter the investment atmosphere with limited knowledge and/or limited capital, who also seek high returns over a long-term timeframe.

Alejandro Nicoli
Alejandro NicoliCEO & Co-Founder, UCL student
Jan Dienstl
Jan DienstlCTO & Co-Founder


A project that models and predicts event based data to help clients react to changes. Using state of the art statistical and machine learning research, clients can gain insight into their data and make better decisions dynamically. Applications can range from terrorism to finance and sport. Website:

Dean Marwick
Dean MarwickFounder, UCL PhD

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